Captain William "Bill" Mitchell is the head of the Lightspeed Aquabase, mentor of the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers and the father of Dana, Jane and Ryan Mitchell, who are rangers.

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Captain Mitchell is the second son of his family. He married Reina Mitchell and have their first child, Ryan. When Reina died, he married Jasmine, Reina's twin sister (which he did not know at the time) and had their first child, Brian. In the government want William to built an underwater base in Mariner Bay in the year 1996.

He gave Reborn his daughter, Jane so she can protect the Vongola Boss. He learn after Jane's training was done that her daughter was a decoy for the Vongola Famiglia, the Tenth Generation.



Captain Mitchell is Causisan, with short black hair. He wore a navy uniform.

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Captain William Mitchell


  • Mitchell is the first known Power Rangers Mentor to be a parent of a Ranger. Later, Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, father of Cameron Watanabe in Ninja Storm and Andrew Hartford, father of Mack Hartford in Operation Overdrive follow in his footsteps.
    • It should also be noted that Captain Mitchell is the first human mentor of the Power Rangers franchise.
    • Ron Roggé, his actor, did not reprise his role during the Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force teamup, but instead played the voice of Quargonon in the episode instead.
  • It is implied in A Matter of Trust that Captain Mitchell is a former widower, his wife having died sometime when Ryan, Jane and Dana were very young.

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