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LR Chad Lee
Blue Lightspeed Ranger
Chad Lee
Gender: Male
Season: Lightspeed Rescue
Color(s): Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Operation Lightspeed
Last Appearance: Time for Lightspeed
Number of Episode
40 (Lightspeed Rescue)
1 (Time Force)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Michael Chaturantabut
LR Blue Lightspeed Ranger
de: Chad Lee

fr: Chad Lee

"Blue Ranger, Rescue ready!"

Chad Lee is the Blue Lightspeed Rescue Ranger.


Early LifeEdit

He has a younger brother who was 6 years old at the time of Queen Bansheera's attack. His mother is Japanese and a Fangire while his father is Chinese and a human.

Lightspeed RescueEdit

Known for his amazing aquatic skills, Chad often spends time scuba diving, feeling connected to the marine life. He brings to the team his exceptional martial arts ability, and water rescue skills.

Chad studied under a karate master named Tomashiro, who felt that Chad's true destiny was as a martial arts master and not a Ranger. Tomashiro then helped train a monster named Cyclopter, hoping to replace Chad as his best student (Cyclopter even defeated Chad in battle), until Cyclopter turned on him. Chad remembers everything Tomashiro taught him then and eventually defeats Cyclopter, and Tomashiro even comes to ask Chad for a tour of the Aqua Base. Chad also temporarily had a relationship with the mermaid Marina, but they parted ways eventually. Chad becomes close with fellow Ranger Kelsey during the series.

After leaving Lightspeed, Chad became a lifeguard, but returned to help his team fight an undead Vypra with the Time Force Rangers.

Blue Lightspeed RangerEdit

Ranger KeyEdit

GoBlue Ranger Key

The Blue Lightspeed Ranger Key.

The Blue Lightspeed Ranger Key is Chad’s personal ranger key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Noah Carver (Super Megaforce Blue) who uses it to fight as the Blue Lightspeed Ranger. Although it has not been used yet, it has been seen in toy form. 

Soccer MovesEdit

Chad Lee


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