This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers Time Force.
Time Force Gold
Gold Ranger
Christelle Walker
Gender: Female
Season: Time Force
Color(s): Gold
Homeworld: Earth (3000)
First Appearance: Force From The Future (1)
Last Appearance: Reinforcements from the Future (2)
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Christelle Barbot
de: Christelle Walker

fr: Christelle Walker

Christelle Walker is the Gold Time Force Ranger. She is the sister of Katie Walker, the Yellow Time Force Ranger.  

Character HistoryEdit

Christelle Walker was from the future like the other Time Force Rangers. She was send to the past about the year 2004. 

Apperance Edit

She was African-American girl. Christelle wore a gold shirt with blue pants. She wore a Chrono Morpher on her left wrist.


She know what she is doing but get scary when it come to height.


  • Chrono Morpher
  • Chrono Blaster
  • Chrono Sabers

Soccer MovesEdit

Christelle Walker


  • Christelle is afraid of height.
  • She is the captain of the Yellow Rangers.