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Connner McKnight
Red Dino Thunder Ranger
Triassic Ranger
Conner McKnight
Gender: Male
Season: Dino Thunder
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Day of the Dino
Last Appearance: Wormhole
Number of Episode
38 (Dino Thunder)
2 (S.P.D.)
Full list of appearances
Actor: James Napier
DT Red Ranger
de: Conner McKnight

fr: Conner McKnight

"Tyranno Power, Red Ranger!"
―roll call as Red Dino Ranger[src]

Conner McKnight is the Red Dino Ranger. He is the twin brother of Eric and Lucas McKnight.

Character HistoryEdit

Conner was born on May 5, the same day that his brothers (Eric and Lucas) was born. His brother, Eric went to the Wind Ninja Academy in Blue Bay Harbor while his other brother and him went to Reefside High in California.

Super PowersEdit

  • T-Rex Speed: Due to the Red Dino Gem, Conner has the power to move and react at superhuman speeds. This includes his physical speed, reaction time, and reflexes. His maximum speed is unknown, but somewhere along the regions of the speed of sound. When using his powers, everything in normal motion appears to slow down to his perspective, while he accelerates to his opponent's.




Similarities to Jason Edit

  • Both are Red Rangers.
  • Both their helmets and Zords represent the Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Both are leaders of their team, although Jason stepped down as leader after Tommy was made White Ranger.
  • Both have rivalry/friendships with their Other Rangers.
  • Both have shield-based power ups, with Jason's the Dragon Shield and Conner's the Shield of Triumph.
  • Both are athletes. However, Jason is a martial artist, while Conner is a soccer player.

Soccer MovesEdit

Conner McKnight


  • His birthday is May 5.
  • He controls the most Zords in Ranger history at a total of 6 (his main T-rex Zord, the Mezadon Rover, and four auxilories that combine with the Mezadon Megazord)

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