Earth (or Sol III) is the third planet of the Solar system, located in the Milky Way Galaxy, and is the homeworld of the Human species. In the history of the universe, Earth has proved a focal point of galactic events and often the battleground of the ongoing war of good and evil.


Earth is a fully inhabited planet with a wide variety of landscapes and life forms, plant, animal and otherwise.  Its primary species, Humans, have developed rather uneven levels of technology thanks to the influence of Zordon in creating the Power Rangers, resulting in advanced military weapons (always needed due to constant attacks on the planet) with everyday technology advancing steadily behind them.


The planet formed 4.54 billion years ago. According to Zordon, the war between good and evil began some "millions" of years ago, apparently after the formation of Earth. During that period, sorcerers called the Morphing Masters set a chest out to sea containing twin Power Eggs. 150 million BCE, the Quantasaurus Rex and its Quantum Controller arrive from the 30th century and remain dormant until the arrival of Wes Collins, Eric Myers, and Commandocon arrive taking the zord back to the year 2001. In 65 million BCE, the dinosaurs were eradicated by an asteroid carrying the Dino Gems.