"Orange Ranger, Rescue ready!"

Jane Mitchell is the Orange Lightspeed Ranger. She is also the younger twin sister of Dana Mitchell, the Pink Lightspeed Ranger and Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Jane Mitchell was born in Mariner Bay at the same time as Dana. She is the daughter of Reina Mitchell and Captain Mitchell. She is the younger sister of Dana Mitchell and Ryan Mitchell. She is the half-sister of Victoria and Brian Mitchell.

Prior to ForeverEdit

She teleport to the year 2013 fight the bad guys with her Pokemon and Vongola Rings. She also met the creator to the time machine, Beatrice Delgavio. In a short time, she met a wolf (Battle Wolf) who she named Shelly.


Jane is Japanese Asian, with long black hair. She wore grey skirt like her sister, Dana. She also wore orange blouse simliar to Dana's blouse. She wore a special necklace. She is seen with a Lightspeed Rescue jacket. At the beach she wore flowered orange and pink bikini. She wore a Lightspeed Morpher on her left wrist.

She wore the Vongola Ring on her finger in the first and second season. In the battle between Vongola Famiglia and Milliefore Famiglia in Choice, she wore a black suit with an orange blouse. 

In high school, she wore the school uniform with the logo of a knight with the horse. 


In soccer, she is an ace striker and know her stuff in the field. In the battlefield, she fights along her teammates in a calm way. 


  • Rescue Blaster
  • Rescue Morpher
  • Battle Booster
  • V-Lancer
  • Orange Lightspeed Cycle

  • Rain Vongola Box
    • Jirou (Cane di Pioggia ver. Vongola)
    • Kojirou (Rondine di Pioggia ver. Vongola)
  • Rain Flame (Original Vongola Ring)
  • Sky Vongola Box (temporary)
    • Natsu (Leone di Cieli Version Vongola) (temporary)

Soccer MovesEdit

Jane Mitchell


Jane Mitchell (Forever)

Cardfight VanguardEdit

Jane Mitchell


  • Her nickname Jay came from a bird, a Blue Jay. 
  • She has Gouenji Shuuya's moves and Keshin.
  • Character Songs Featured In:
    • Yakusoku no Basho e
    • Yakusoku no Basho e - vs Millefiore
    • Mirai no Oozora e
    • Oretachi no Yakusoku (with Henry)
    • Oretachi no JOY! (with Henry)
    • Honoo no Riyuu
  • She wears glasses like Kendrix, Cameron and Danny.
  • Her Pokemon are high level trained Pokemon and listen to any trainer if her owner allow it.
  • Jane is the only of two members of the main Lightspeed team related to the mentor; just like the female/mentor relationship in GoGo-V.