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Joel Rawlings
Green Lightspeed Ranger
Joel Rawlings
Gender: Male
Season: Lightspeed Rescue
Color(s): Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Operation Lightspeed
Last Appearance: Time for Lightspeed
Number of Episode
40 (Lightspeed Rescue)
1 (Time Force)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Keith Robinson
LR Green Lightspeed Ranger
de: Joel Rawlings

fr: Joel Rawlings

"Green Ranger, Rescue ready!"

Joel Rawlings is the Green Lightspeed Ranger.


Nicknamed the "Sky Cowboy", Joel was an aerial stuntman and was recruited by Captain Mitchell to be the Green Lightspeed Ranger.

He was extremely reluctant to become a Power Ranger at first, not believing in Lightspeed or what it had to offer, but when he saw his beloved Mariner Bay in danger, he decided to take them up on their offer.

He shows interest in the Rangers' assistant, Ms. Angela Fairweather. In the epilogue of the finale episode, Rawlings and Ms. Fairweather are about to go out on their first date when he is called away on Ranger business, unable to let his duties end with the Demons. He eventually marries Ms. Fairweather, and the two are seen heading off on their honeymoon right before he returns to the team to help battle Vypra with the Time Force Power Rangers.

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Joel Rawlings


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