"Dimteo Power, Crimson Ranger!"
―roll call as Crimson Dino Ranger[src]

Lucas McKnight is the Crimson Dino Ranger. He is the twin brother of Eric and Conner McKnight.

Character HistoryEdit

Lucas was born on May 5, the same day that his brothers (Eric and Conner) was born. His brother, Eric went to the Wind Ninja Academy in Blue Bay Harbor while his other brother and him went to Reefside High in California.

When Lucas was about to go to school, a portal came out of nowhere and stuck him in the portal. He land in the year 2013 (before Team Flare attack the Kalos Region.) Hello Kalos Region!

Super PowersEdit

  • Strength: His strength give him the ability to lift really heavy objects without a sweat. Also giving him the ability to throw objects quite a distance. Not to mention his strength gives him the ability to pick up enemies and smash them into the ground making them incapacitated.
  • Sight: Lucas' sight allows him to see twice as far, like a falcon in the sky. 


He wears skinny jeans, high top sliver converse, a sliver/gray dino morpher, a graffiti shirt, and a black & dark red jacket. He wore the Vongola Ring on his finger in the first and second season. In the battle between Vongola Famiglia and Milliefore Famiglia in Choice, he wore a black suit with a dark red button shirt. 

In high school, he wore the school uniform with the logo of a knight with the horse. 


Lucas McKnight's personality is flirty, laid back, cool, feisty at times, brave, very loyal, and serious to say the least. 



  • Dimteozord


  • Dino Morpher
    • Crimson Dino Gem
  • Dimeto Staff
  • Raptor Cycle
  • Raptor Rider
  • Super Dino Mode

  • Cloud Vongola Ring (Original Vongola Ring)
  • Cloud Vongola Box Weapon
    • Roll (Porcospino Nuvola)
  • Cloud Flame
  • Cloud Tonfas (For Millefiore Famiglia's battles and practices)

Soccer MovesEdit

Lucas McKnight


Lucas McKnight (Forever)


  • Character Songs Featured In:
    • Yakusoku no Basho e
    • Yakusoku no Basho e - vs Millefiore
    • Mirai no Oozora e
    • Sakura Addiction (with Rymour Aston)
    • Akashi
    • ONE NIGHT STAR (with Rymour Aston)
  • His birthday is May 5

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