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in Space
Number 6
Number of episodes: 43
First episode: From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1
Last episode: Countdown to Destruction, Part 2
Intro: in Space Intro
Adapted from: Denji Sentai Megaranger
Original airing: February 6, 1998 – November 21, 1998
Producer: Saban
Production Order
Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers in Space (often abbreviated as "PRIS" or referred to as "...In Space") was a television show, the sixth season of Power Rangers. It was the first full season of Power Rangers to be handled by show runners Judd Lynn and Jonathan Tzachor.

It was loosely based on, and involved footage from, the Japanese television show Denji Sentai Megaranger (or Electromagnetic Task Force MegaRanger), the twenty-first Super Sentai series. The show was a turning point in the history of the Power Rangers franchise, as the season brought about the end of six years worth of storylines and was the ending of the practice of having the Power Rangers be a continuous serial-style show with a regular cast that carried over from one season to the next. It is also one of the most popular seasons of Power Rangers in the franchise's history and is credited for saving the franchise from cancellation after the previous season's poor ratings. This season was the outbreak for all PR history, stating that this was the last season. But due to major ratings, they succeeded and went on to making a new season.


After being defeated by Divatox, the Turbo Rangers leave for space in search of their old mentor, Zordon. They come across the new Red Ranger, Andros, who initially doesn't trust them, but after they help him in battle and help save his Astro Megaship, he awards them all new Astro Morphers, allowing them to transform into new Space Rangers. With the aid of new allies and old, such as the Silver Space Ranger, Zhane, and the Phantom Ranger, they face the monstrous Dark Specter, his herald of evil, Astronema, Astronema's loyal general and adopted father Ecliptor, and the homicidal Psycho Rangers.

For the bulk of the series, the plot involves the Space Rangers trying to find Zordon, who's being prepared for death at the hands of Dark Specter so that the monster could absorb his powers into his own. To keep the Rangers from doing this, Astronema and Ecliptor launch attacks on Earth to keep the Rangers busy saving the planet instead of traveling to alien worlds. The arrival of the Psycho Rangers came on the heels of Andros discovering the truth about Astronema, that she was Karone, his sister. It takes time for her to come to grips with this, but she proves to the Rangers who she really is by turning against Dark Specter and re-joining her brother. The remaining Rangers realize they were wrong about her and accept her. This does not last, as the arrival of the sadistic Darkonda results in Astronema being re-brainwashed and Ecliptor being defiled when Darkonda (who has multiple lives) forcibly gives Ecliptor cybernetic implants to remove any trace of good within him. This culminates in the eight episode "Psycho Rangers" saga when Astronema releases 5 evil, insane cybernetic Rangers on Earth to hunt down and kill the Space Rangers.

In the final two parter of the series "Countdown to Destruction", everything comes full-circle when Dark Specter attacks the Earth and all remaining strongholds of good in the universe while absorbing Zordon's life into his own at long last. The Space Rangers, the Alien Rangers, the Phantom Ranger, the Blue Senturion, the Gold Ranger, and the KO-35 rebels fight hard but they are outnumbered and outgunned. The Space Rangers, having lost two out of four Megazords, fight hard to defend Earth, but even with weapons such as the Battlizer, they are overwhelmed and forced to regroup. Darkonda decides he's done with being an underling and destroys Dark Specter with a weapon meant for Earth, but he is killed as well. Astronema is now the "Queen of Evil" now that Dark Specter is gone much to Divatox's chagrin, and Andros, in a last-ditch effort, goes to the Dark Fortress to try to turn her back to good.

As the five remaining Space Rangers fight on Earth, Andros finds Zordon on the Fortress, no longer in danger of losing his power. Zordon tells Andros to shatter his energy tube, allowing his energy to wipe out the forces of evil (those allied with Dark Specter) and he would perish in the process. Before Andros can do so, Astronema attacks him, and Andros is unable to hurt her, and gets beaten badly in the process. She is about to kill her own brother, but Andros deflects her fire, back at her, killing her.

Ecliptor comes in and sees what happened, and his caring for Astronema returns. The two of them fight, with Andros winning, but then the unthinkable happens. Andros had no choice but to detonate the tube containing Zordon, which Andros did not want to do. Andros shatters the tube, allowing Zordon's essence to expand throughout the universe. All of the known villains in the Power Rangers universe are obliterated, almost. Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Divatox are changed into human form, no longer evil.

The Dark Fortress touches down on Earth, and Andros, with his sister's lifeless body in his arms, emerges. As he cries for her, she comes back to life. The Rangers are overjoyed and evil has been defeated.



Color Role
Red Space Ranger Andros
Black Space Ranger Carlos Vallerte
Blue Space Ranger TJ Johnson
Yellow Space Ranger Ashely Hammond
Pink Space Ranger Cassie Chan
Silver Ranger Zhane
Green Space Ranger Joesph Vallerte
Navy Space Ranger Clifford Johnson
Gold Space Ranger Eloise Hammond
Orange Space Ranger Annie Chan


Past RangersEdit

Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger
Blue Turbo Ranger Justin Stewart
Black Ranger Adam Park
Blue Senturion Blue Senturion
Gold Ranger Trey of Triforia
Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus



Psycho Red Psycho Red
Psycho Black Psycho Black
Psycho Blue Psycho Blue
Psycho Yellow Psycho Yellow
Psycho Pink Psycho Pink
Psycho Silver Psycho Silver (fake)
Psycho Green Psycho Green
Psycho Navy Psycho Navy
Psycho Gold Psycho Gold
Psycho Orange Psycho Orange


  • Astro Morpher - Morpher of the Space Rangers, developed on KO-35; utilized for morphing and communication.
  • Astro Power Weapons - Ranger special weapons; all weapons (except the Red Ranger's Spiral Saber) combine into Quadro Blaster.
  • Astro Blaster - Standard Ranger sidearm.
  • Battlizer Gauntlet - Special gauntlet worn by Red Ranger; It possesses 3 functions.
    • Delta Megazord controller
    • Energized Punches
    • Battlizer Armor - grants the Red Ranger an armored battlesuit that fires missiles and the power of flight.
  • Digimorpher - Morpher used by Silver Ranger.
  • Super Silverizer - Weapon of the Silver Ranger, serves as blaster and sword.
  • Galaxy Gliders - Surfboard-like transports used for both atmospheric and interstellar travel.
  • Silver Cycle - The Galaxy Glider of the Silver Ranger can also serve as a motorcycle.
  • Megatank - Armored transport used for interplanetary missions.
  • Galactic Rover - Dune buggy used by the Silver Ranger.


  1. From Out of Nowhere (1)
  2. From Out of Nowhere (2)
    • Andros is introduced as the Red Space Ranger. The former Turbo Rangers become Space Rangers.
  3. Save Our Ship
  4. Shell Shocked
  5. Never Stop Searching
    • The story of Karone is introduced.
  6. Satellite Search
  7. A Ranger Among Thieves
  8. When Push Comes to Shove
  9. The Craterite Invasion
  10. The Wasp with a Heart
  11. The Delta Discovery
  12. The Great Evilyzer
  13. Grandma Matchmaker
  14. The Barillian Sting
  15. T.J.'s Identity Crisis
  16. Flashes of Darkonda
  17. The Rangers' Mega Voyage
  18. True Blue to the Rescue
    • Justin returns to help the Rangers.
  19. Invasion of the Body Switcher
  20. Survival of the Silver
    • Zhane, the Silver Ranger, is introduced.
  21. Red with Envy
  22. The Silver Secret
  23. A Date with Danger
  24. Zhane's Destiny
    • Zhane decides to stay and help the Rebels.
  25. Always a Chance
    • Adam returns to help Carlos realize his Ranger responsibilities.
  26. The Secret of the Locket
    • Astronema is revealed to be Karone.
  27. Astronema Thinks Twice
  28. The Rangers' Leap of Faith
    • Astronema decides to join the Rangers.
  29. Dark Specter's Revenge (1)
    • Karone helps the Rangers save Earth, but is captured.
  30. Dark Specter's Revenge (2)
    • The Silver Ranger's Mega Winger is introduced. Karone is turned back into Astronema.
  31. Rangers Gone Psycho
  32. Carlos on Call
  33. A Rift in the Rangers
    • Psycho Pink is destroyed.
  34. Five of a Kind
    • Psycho Blue is destroyed.
  35. Silence is Golden
  36. The Enemy Within
    • Psycho Red, Black, & Yellow are destroyed.
  37. Andros and the Stowaway
  38. Mission to Secret City
    • The Psychos are Ghosts.
  39. Ghosts in the Machine
    • The Psychos return, but are then captured in digital cards.
  40. The Impenetrable Web
    • The Delta Megazord is destroyed.
  41. A Line in the Sand
    • The Mega Voyager is destroyed.
  42. Countdown to Destruction (1)
  43. Countdown to Destruction (2)
    • Zordon dies to save the universe. All villains from the previous series are turned to dust or turned good by Zordon's power. Astronema is turned back into Karone. The end of the Space Rangers series.


  • The final battle between Ecliptor and Andros can be seen as an homage to the ending of Super Sentai series Gosei Sentai Dairanger (which had its Zord fight scenes culled for use in the second season of Power Rangers), in which the Ryuuranger (the Red Dairanger) duels with a villain one-on-one to the death, to resolve the season-running conflict once and for all.
  • This was the last series to take place in Angel Grove, California. Angel Grove would later be revisited in the Operation Overdrive team-up special, "Once a Ranger".
  • This was the first season to use an orchestric musical score instead of the usual rock used in previous seasons.
  • These Rangers met the version of the Ninja Turtles featured in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.
  • This was the first series to feature a Power Ranger as a blood relative to a lead villain, as Andros and Astronema were siblings. This would be repeated in Power Rangers Ninja Storm with Cam the Green Samurai Ranger and Lothor, who would prove to be nephew and uncle. In Power Rangers Mystic Force, Nick's father, Leanbow, was also an enemy, but not the main one. Similarly, in Power Rangers RPM, the Black Ranger Dillon was the brother of villain Tenaya 7 (later Tenaya 15), she was not the lead villain.
  • This is also the first Power Rangers series that would start a trend of adding in non-Sentai equipment for Power Rangers, in order to help market the PR toys that are sold by Bandai.
  • Although much equipment not seen in Megaranger was used, the Megarangers did have a team power up of golden torso armor, similar to Lost Galaxy's Lights of Orion that was never used in PRiS.
  • This was the last season to feature bloopers in the ending credits.
  • "Countdown to Destruction" was the first time the Rangers revealed their identities to the public.
  • Prior to the second half of Power Rangers In Space, several Megaranger monster costume would make their debut in the special Power Rangers Funniest Moments.

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