Reina Mitchell is the original Queen of the Checkmate Four in 1979.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Reina Mitchell is the twin sister of Jasmine Mitchell, who is the Queen of the Checkmate Four in 2013. Before she died, she met Xavier Grayson, Carolina Grayson, and Reborn. Reborn told her that one of her children was going to be the decoy of Vongola Decimo's guardian, the Rain Guardian. She died in 1984 in a car accident and her sister took her place as Queen of the Checkmate Four.

She is the mother of Dana, Ryan and Jane Mitchell. She is the first wife of Captain Mitchell, who is a human.


Reina is Japanese Asian, with long black hair. She wore orange blouse with grey skirt.


She is calm and she always keep her head. 

Soccer MovesEdit

Reina Mitchell


  • She loves to eat hot dogs and pancake like her daughter, Jane.
  • She and her sister never got along until their parents talk to them about share and get along.
  • Her real name is Kenji Haruna.