The Sirians are a race of dog-like humaonids with scaly skin.


Females have shorter ears then males. Sirian skin colour ranges from dark blue to purple. Despite the fact they speak like Humans do, they make dog-like growls when frustrated. 


They were the first species to have the very first S.P.D. One of it's most notable members is Anubis Cruger, who fought Emperor Gruumm, leader of the Troobian Empire when they invaded Sirius. Although he severed one of his horns, the Troobians destroyed Sirius, leaving Cruger the only known survivor, although it was revealled his wife survived too. 

Cruger was the head of the Space Patrol Delta Earth Base during the early 2020s, and SPD Shadow Ranger. A little while after the failed Troobian Invasion, he became the Supreme Commander of S.P.D.